CMI: we'll be ready to start producing AMOLEDs in Q4 2012, will show 3.4" and 4.3" at SID

Chimei Innolux announced today that they will be able to start producing AMOLED panels in Q4 2012. According to earlier reports, CMI is prepping its 3.5-Gen AMOLED fab, which will be able to produce about 3,000-5,000 substrates a month. CMI's AMOLED panels will be branded TRUEOLED (CMI first started using this brand in February 2011). CMI will show 3.4" and 4.3" panels at SID next week, hopefully we'll bring more information from the conference.

CMI's TRUEOLED panels use a WOLED (RGBW) architecture, the same design used by LGD in their upcoming 55" OLED TVs. CMI's panels will achieve 300 ppi and a very wide view angle (80% of vertical luminance even at a viewing angle of 45°).

The panels unveiled in March 2011 were smaller: 3.2" (320x480) and 3.5" (360x64). The panels featured 300cd/m2 brightness, 30,000:1 contrast ratio, 160° viewing angles and 100% color gamut for the 3.2" panel (87% for the 3.5" one). Earlier reports suggested that CMI's OLED production program will be subsidized by the Taiwanese government.

Posted: May 29,2012 by Ron Mertens


Picture in this is old, new demos showed in SID 2012 are 4.3" qHD / 3.4" qHD which is TRUEOLED showing real PPI and show the capability of REtina a like performance in AMOLED

Yes, this is an old picture. I'll soon upload new photos and comments from SID 2012... stay tuned ;-)