CMI to start AMOLED production before year-end 2012

Chimei Innolux's chairman Hsing-Chien Tuan says that the company plans to start AMOLED production before year-end 2012. CMI's 3.5-Gen AMOLED fab will produce small-sized panels. The production rate will be about 3,000-5,000 substrates a month.

Back in March 2011 CMI showed two AMOLED panels: 3.2" (320x480) and 3.5" (360x64). CMI were calling those displays TrueOLED, and apparently they use a WOLED-CF (RGBW) design. The panels featured 300cd/m2 brightness, 30,000:1 contrast ratio, 160° viewing angles and 100% color gamut for the 3.2" panel (87% for the 3.5" one). We do not know whether the panels CMI plans to produce in 2012 will have the same specifications.

CMI also plans to start Oxide TFT LCD panel production in 2012 in small volume in its 5-gen and 6-Gen lines. Back in February 2011 CMI had plans for a Gen-5.5 AMOLED plant that will also use Oxide-TFT backplanes, but we have no updates yet about that program.

Earlier reports suggested that CMI's OLED production program will be subsidized by the Taiwanese government.

Posted: May 06,2012 by Ron Mertens