OLED-based data communication of up to 3GB/sec enabled by new device structure

Researchers from CEA-Leti and the Université Sorbonne Paris-Nord (USPN) developed a new OLED structure that enabled them to achieve two new world records for OLED-based data communication, a bandwidth of 450 Mhz and a transmission throughput of almost 3GB/sec. This more than doubles the previous OLED record. The researchers say that this proves that OLEDs can play a role in future fast photonic-based data communication, which was limited to in-organic microLED devices up until now.

The researchers developed a new OLED structure, in order to find the best compromise between speed, light performance and device size. The researchers used evaporation to deposit 7 layers of various organic materials while precisely controlling how they fit together and stack. The whole device is only 40 um in size.


CEA-Leti is looking for partners to bring this technology further, commented CEA-Leti OLED partnership manager Vygintas Jankus. You can contact CEA-Leti's industrial partnership managers directly here.

Posted: Mar 11,2024 by Ron Mertens