OTB Display today announced that it received an order from Universal Display Technology (Jilin) for in-line equipment for the manufacturing of full color OLED displays. The fully integrated OLED production system is based on solution-processed polymers and OTB's thin-film encapsulation technology, making it one of the world's first production lines that integrates the complete display cell manufacturing process.

Universal Display Technology (Jilin) Co., Ltd. acquired an OLED manufacturing turn-key solution including equipment, related services and process know-how. OTB Display will build up mass production capabilities at Universal Display Technology (Jilin) Co., Ltd manufacturing facility, which is located in the Changchun National High-Tech Industries Development Area in the Jilin Province of the People's Republic of China. The Universal Display Technology (Jilin) Co., Ltd. will commence mass production of OLED displays in 2008.

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