BOE signs the official contract with Chengdu's local government to build its 8.5-Gen IT AMOLED line

BOE has been planning a 8.5-Gen flexible IT AMOLED Line for a couple of years, and in November 2023, following some delays, the company officially announced its plans for the new fab. Now we hear from China that the Chengdu local government, together with Chengdu's Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, have signed the contact with BOE to build the new plant.

The total investment in the fab is expected to reach 63 billion Yuan (over $8.7 billion USD). The fab will have a capacity of 32,000 monthly substrates (2290x2620 mm), and is expected to begin production by Q4 2026 (total construction time will be 34 months, according to the plan).


BOE is already producing laptop OLEDs, but the new fab will increase its capacity dramatically, and many analysts expect the demand for OLEDs in the IT market to soar in the near future. BOE recently announced its latest smartphone AMOLED Panels, and said it produced over 100 million flexible AMOLEDs in 2023 to date.

Posted: Jan 12,2024 by Ron Mertens