BOE to construct a 8.5-Gen AMOLED IT line, aims to start production in 2024

Demand for larger mobile OLED displays, for laptops, tablets and monitors is on the rise, and display makers are looking into 8.5-Gen OLED production lines dedicated to the IT market.

According to a new report from Korea, BOE is moving forward with its plans to establish an IT AMOLED production line. The company is aiming to establish a 8.5-Gen (2250x2600 mm) production line at its B16 fab in Chengdu. BOE's goal is to start production by the end of 2024, with an initial capacity of 15,000 monthly substrates.

BOE did not yet commit to any equipment orders, as it is still verifying the technologies used in this upcoming line - for example how to implement a double-stack (tandem) architecture aimed to increase brightness and lifetime.

Posted: Apr 06,2022 by Ron Mertens