BOE aims to develop tandem OLED displays for Honor smartphones, and hopefully to Apple iPads in the future

According to a report from Korea, BOE is in talks with China-based smartphone producer Honor regarding the supply of tandem (dual-stack) OLED displays to be used in Honor's smartphones.

Honor Magic4 Pro photo

BOE hopes that its tandem OLED panels will reduce power consumption by around 30% compared to a single-stack OLED display, which will enable Honor to adopt a smaller battery and a thinner design. Both companies hopes to be able to introduce the panels and the smartphones that use it by the end of 2022.



In the longer run, BOE hopes that its tandem OLED displays would be adopted by Apple for its future iPad devices. Earlier this month it was reported that Samsung Display has started to develop tandem OLED panels, aiming to supply it to Apple's iPads at 2024 or 2025. LG display has already developed the technology for its automotive OLED displays, and is also aiming to supply such displays to Apple.


Posted: Mar 11,2022 by Ron Mertens