Analyst: Apple and Sharp to jointly develop iPhone and iPad OLED panels within 1-2 years

Peter Misek, an analyst at Jefferies says that he believes that Apple decided to buy iPad 3, iPhone 5 and TV display panels from Sharp. At first these will be IGZO based LCDs - which will be brighter, clearer, thinner and more efficient than existing LCDs. But Misek also believes that Sharp and Apple will jointly develop OLED displays (probably IGZO based as well) within 1-2 years which will be used in future iPhone and iPad generations. OLED TV panels aren't expected until 2015.

Misek says that the two companies are working towards a new printing technology for producing these small/medium OLED panels - and that a pilot line will be in place by middle 2012 for testing purposes. Full production will be possible in 2013. The new technology, according to Misek, is a combination of inkjet printing and a daisy wheel. The daisy wheel is an impact printing technology and I'm not sure how it relates to OLEDs.

It's interesting that there are reports that Sumitomo are building a new PLED material facility - and these materials are suited for inkjet printing. But Sumitomo are saying that these materials will be used for large OLED panels (for OLED TVs) and not for small/medium ones.

This also conflicts with previous reports that LG Display are in talks to supply OLED panels to Apple...

Posted: Nov 22,2011 by Ron Mertens