Will micro-LEDs disrupt OLEDs?

Back in May 2014, Apple acquired LuxVue Technology, a private company that develops micro-LED based displays. Very little was known about this company and its technology, but since then interest in micro-LED displays is obviously higher.

Luxvue MicroLED patent drawing

Candice Brown-Elliott, the creator of the Pentile Matrix technology (and the CEO of Nuovoyance), says that micro-LED has the potential to be truly disruptive. While it's still in an early stage, and using it to create large display is very challenging, a micro-LED display is attractive as it may be more efficient than an OLED display (as LEDs are currently more efficient than OLEDs). Some speculate that Apple aims to use such displays in future Watch devices as making a smaller display is obviously easier at first.

Posted: Jul 28,2015 by Ron Mertens


Oh good another alternative - put it in the bin with that Fipel product that purportedly had promise. This is a variation of an ILED SSL item -

It's flawed as a competitor to any organic light emitting product\ or OLED at the point of its' design ... it's one that is reliant on using the epitaxial process -to make the diodes involved.

Though not stated this weak link would factor in on true life spans - it would likely raise total BOM #s -as a competing item or approach to OLEDs it's weak.

I'm kinda surprised it's even in OLED-Info.com 

Any news on Fipel? The company who should be manufacturing it extends the market deployment date  every goddamn year.. that tech must be fundamentally flawed

New Product: 8K x 2K micro led video wall with a 99% black surface

Simply the best image ever.

The display’s light source is Sony’s innovative CLEDIS™ (Crystal LED Integrated Structure) technology, which combines ultrafine LEDs and unique surface mounting to deliver a visual experience beyond any conventional LED array