Will LG be an exclusive supplier for Apple's iWatch's 1.52" OLED displays?

Back in December 2012, rumors started to circulate about an upcoming Apple smartwatch called the iWatch, that will use a small PMOLED. Later rumors suggested Apple decided to use a plastic flexible OLED, possibly from LG Display.

Apple 2011 flexible OLED watch patentApple 2011 flexible OLED watch patent

Today a Korean publication (Digital Daily) reported that LGD has indeed been selected as the exclusive supplier for Apple's iWatch. LGD will start producing 1.52" OLED panels in Q3 2014, with an initial production volume of 2 million panels per month. The iWatch itself will be released in Q4 2014. The story was later removed from the Korean site, which can mean anything.

Back in October, Korea Herald said that Apple isn't likely to choose just one OLED supplier - and they say they may also contract RiTDisplay and perhaps Japan Display. But it makes sense that Apple will want to use a flexible OLED, and so they have very little choice but to go with LGD. The only other possible FOLED maker is Samsung Display, but it's likely that they will not want to supply their latest panel to a rival. LGD on the other hand is more willing to share their latest technologies, it seems.

Posted: Jan 21,2014 by Ron Mertens