Rumor: Apple is working on a PMOLED bluetooth smart watch

Apple OLED rumors never die. This time these are rather different rumors. According to a Chinese tech blog, Apple and Intel are jointly developing a bluetooth smart watch. This new iWatch (or whatever they'll call it) will have a 1.5" touch PMOLED, apparently made by RitDisplay.

I'm usually quite skeptic on Apple AMOLED rumors, because there's still not enough AMOLED capacity to be used in iPhone or iPod devices. But ramping up PMOLED capacity shouldn't' be a problem for RiTDisplay (which used to have larger capacity than today, but they shut down some lines due to financial problems). Anyway, if this is true, it's great news for my friends over at RiTDisplay.

Sony SmartWatch

Apple's smart watch accessory (if it exists) will probably be used to control your iOS device, make calls, view notifications, etc. Sony is offering a similar Android accessory called the SmartWatch (which also uses a PMOLED display, by the way, although at 1.3"). Sony's SmartWatch costs $109. The first-gen Sony LiveView, by the way, is now down to only $22.

Allerta developed a similar product (called the InPulse, again with an OLED display) for Blackberry devices, but it's no longer available. Allerta are now working on an E Ink watch that will connect to iOS and Android devices.

Posted: Dec 27,2012 by Ron Mertens