A video of Planar's 55" transparent OLED prototype

A few days ago, Planar Systems unveiled a 55" transparent OLED prototype, and now we have a video from the ISE 2015 conference showing this new display:

Besides the fact that this display is a Full-HD one, the video does not provide any more information, but it's very nice to see the display in action and hear Planar's explanation of the advantages of OLED technology over LCD technology for transparent displays.

Posted: Feb 12,2015 by Ron Mertens


Glossy i can deal with.

This i cant... worst gimmick ever. 

Its like they said - "OLED delivers clear and sharp picture and motion - lightyears ahead of LCD. Lets cripple OLED so that the picture and motion looks even worse than LCD! and we can reintroduce non-transparent OLED later for a higher price!"

I see the transparent OLED as a navigational feature for automobiles, where vehicular data and navigational aids are placed on the driver windshield, and allow "heads up" driving. Even enhanced visual aids for night vision systems can use this. And the rear view morror camera image can be placed here instead of a display on the dashboard.

What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with regular displays where OLED is directly compared to LCD.