Planar shows a 55" transparent OLED prototype

Display and digital signage technology developer Planar Systems unveiled a 55" transparent OLED display. According to Planar OLED technology solves most of the issues associated with transparent LCDs, which will enable to unlock applications in retail, museums and corporate settings.

Planar 55'' transparent OLED prototype photo

This is the largest transparent OLED ever developed - surpassing Samsung Display's 30" panel shown a few months ago LG Display's 18" T-OLED shown in July 2014. Planar is not the producer of this display, and I'm not sure who actually is. It seems likely that this is made by LG Display, but I also heard a claim that it was produced by SDC.

Planar says that transparent displays can be installed on top of products so retailers can show more information and create an augmented reality experience. In museums, the displays can be used to enable interactions with exhibits, and overlay information and content can be used to educate and inspire.

Posted: Feb 06,2015 by Ron Mertens