Universal Display announced that China-based AMOLED producer Everdisplay (EDO) has signed an OLED evaluation agreement. As per the agreement, UDC will supply EDO with phosphorescent OLED materials to be used in EDO's displays.

Everdisplay HQ and 5.5-Gen Fab photo

Everdisplay actually started mass producing AMOLED displays towards the end of 2014 in a 4.5-Gen line with a monthly capacity of 20,000 substrates. The company is currently producing both small AMOLEDs for wearable devices and larger smartphone displays. EDO is also developing flexible OLEDs, transparent OLEDs and OLEDs for VR and automotive applications. EDO's current OLED displays can be found in the OLED Marketplace.

In December 2016 EDO officially started to construct a 6-Gen AMOLED factory in the Jinshan Industrial Zone in Shanghai, China. This $4 billion AMOLED fab will be used to produce produce small and medium sized flexible AMOLEDs (1 to 15 inch). The fab's capacity will be 30,000 monthly substrates and it is expected to start trial production in January 2019.



EDO's prior panels

Do you know what the situation was before? Were they using an all-fluorescent stack? Using a local red PHOLED in violation of UDC's patents? We never saw much in terms of material sales to China during quarters EDO was said to be producing commercial panels, so we never thought they were using UDC PHOLED red and we just didn't know about it. Cooters