Sony's Deputy President of home entertainment products, Noriaki Negishi, says that Sony plans to aggressively promote its own technology by 2013, including OLED televisions. Last month Sony's new CEO said that the company plans massive investments towards OLED TVs, so this makes sense, although it'll be interested to hear how the company plans to come out with a product so soon.

Sony XEL-1

Some reports suggest that Sony is actually considering buying OLED panels from LG Display. Perhaps they only plan to do so until their own manufacturing comes on line.

Sony officially quit the OLED TV business in January 2012, but actually Sony's Only OLED TV ever, the XEL-1 was discontinued back in February 2010. Sony is currently focused on OLED panels for professional monitors (such as the 24.5" BVM-F250 broadcasting monitor). Here's our recent interview with Sony's OLED product manager.

Sony Oxide-TFT AMOLED prototype

Sony is also producing OLED microdisplays - used as camera viewfinders in some Sony models and in their TMZ-T1 HMD. Sony's small/medium display program has been moved to Japan Display (their joint-venture with Toshiba and Hitachi). Sony is still researching OLED displays and have shown Oxide-TFT based panels and printed OLED prototypes in SID 2011.

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