Sony quits the consumer OLED TV market, not really news

The Daily Yomiuri posted an article stating that Sony has quit the consumer OLED TV market. The company will continue to produce OLED monitors for the professional/corporate market. This news was reported by a lot of online blogs and sites.

Sony XEL-1Sony XEL-1

But it's hardly surprising - and it isn't really news... Sony's only OLED TV, the XEL-1 was discontinued back in February 2010. And Sony said several times that it is currently focusing on the professional market, with products such as the 24.5" BVM-F250 broadcasting monitor. Sony still has an active OLED research program. Sony is also one of the founders of Japan Display, a new small/medium display maker. Sony stated that it may give (or license) some of its OLED patents to JD.

Posted: Jan 08,2012 by Ron Mertens


The real question is, how long can Sony build OLED panels for broadcast and professional customers without mass production and be profitable?

it gets no link between mass production and being profitable. every oled monitor sony sold is definitely profitable...just take it as some luxury things

There is an enourmous link between mass production and profitibility. At the rate Sony is dribbling out their OLED panels to broadcasters combined with the ultra-low price of the clearly more popular PVM series, it's nearly impossible to see how they'll ever recoup the $250mil they invested in that line.