Samsung Display unveils new OLED displays at SID Displayweek 2022. First up is the Flex G flexible display, which folds inwards twice, and the Flex S, that can fold both inwards and outwards.

Samasung Display flexible (S and G) OLED prototpyes, SID Displayweek 2022

Samsung is also new rollable displays - a 6.7" slidable display that can expand and a larger 12.4" slidable OLED that can expand from both ends. When close, the display is 8.1" in size.

SDC is also suggesting a new market category which it refers to as Gaming Foldable displays. These displays can enable products that have two controllers, one at each end, while still being able to fold in half. SDC is also showing 7", 12.3" and15.7" glass-based OLED automotive displays. These can be setup in a multi-display setting similar to what we have seen from LGD.

Samsung will also show its latest laptop OLED displays- including the 240Hz panel (that was already revealed by Razer).

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