Samsung started shipping its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, on September 6 in Korea, and the company now says that demand for this innovative (and highly expensive at $1,980) phone was strong.

Samsung Galaxy Fold photo

Around 4,000 units where sold within ten minutes, and Samsung will now allocate more Galaxy Fold units for the Korean market. Samsung will start offering the phone outside of Korea soon - and in all it hopes to ship around 1 million units within one year of the launch.

Samsung had to redesign and improve the Galay Fold as its original launch in April 2019 failed after early reviewers reported that that the foldable screen in their Galaxy Fold devices broke down after a day or so. Samsung took three moths to re-design and fix the issues - although now we hear that the device may still not be durable enough...

The Galaxy Fold features a 7.3" 1536 x 2152 foldable Infinity Flex AMOLED display that folds inside, in addition to a secondary cover display - a 4.6" 840×1960 Super AMOLED. The Galaxy Fold costs $2,000 and will soon start shipping outside of Korea.