Foldgate? Galaxy Fold reviewers complain of broken screens, Samsung responds

Only yesterday we reported that early reviews of the Galaxy Fold are very positive and that Samsung says there's overwhelming demand for the new foldable device - and today we have much less positive news.

Broken Galaxy Fold screen, The Verge

At least 4 early Galaxy Fold reviewers report that only after one day of use, the screens on their devices broke. The Verge's Dieter Bohn says that a bump appeared on the crease of the phone, which quickly broke the screen - even though he did not perform any stress tests or anything - just normal phone use.

Samsung said it will ship replacement units for these reviewers, and will also look at the problem. For some of these review units, it seems as if the reviewer peeled off a protective plastic cover which could have ruined the screen - even though there was no clear warning not to remove it and it seems like something that should have been removed.

Anyway we'll keep track of these problems of course - if Samsung hopes that consumers will actually pay $2,000 for a foldable phone, fantastic as it might be, it should definitely not break so quickly...

Posted: Apr 19,2019 by Ron Mertens