Samsung Electronics started to accept pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold a few days ago (April 14th) - and the company says it is already sold out due to "overwhelming demand" and it is no longer taking pre-orders

Samsung Galaxy Fold photo

This is great news, especially as many questioned whether customers will be willing to pay $2,000 for a foldable smartphone. Of course Samsung's foldable OLED production capacity is limited so this demand may not be actually very high.

The Galaxy Fold sports an inside-folding 7.3" 1536x2152 Infinity Flex AMOLED display. First initial reviews are starting to be posted, and it seems these are highly positive. T3 says that the GFold is a "phenomenal first foray into folding smartphones". The display is gorgeous and the folding mechanism works like a charm. There are many shortcomings and of course it is a very expensive device - but the reviewers fell that "it could completely change smartphone design in years to come...this really is the future".

Samsung Display's foldable OLED production capacity is still limited, and will probably reach around 1 million displays in 2019. According to DSCC, 1.65 million foldable OLED panels will ship in 2019 (by SDC, Visionox and BOE) - which will grow to 60 million panels in 2022 and just over 80 million panels in 2023.

Foldable OLED shipments forecast (2019-2023, DSCC)

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