Samsung took a step back from the OLED TV market a while back. While the company released the S9C curved OLED TV back in June 2013, they never followed up with newer models and actually stopped OLED TV production and marketing.

Samsung Electronics US chief said yesterday that the company has no plans to release new OLED TVs in the US, but they can "respond quickly" in this market if they see consumer demand. This is in stark contrast to LG Electronics which has just recently released a new OLED TV in the US, and who's planning to introduce 65" 4K TVs soon.

Samsung has been struggling with OLED production issues for large panels, but I always thought it is not likely that company will actually abandon the OLED TV market as some suggested. Last week we did hear reports from Korea saying that Samsung intends to release UHD OLED TVs soon, so you never know...



I think the demand is through

I think the demand is through the roof for OLED or anything other than this LCD junk that's being forced upon us. Or maybe that's just me who feels that way.

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