LG's new curved 55" FHD OLED TV arrives in the US, 65" 4K OLED to cost $6,999

LG launched their new 55EC9300 OLED TV in the US. This is a 55" curved FHD OLED TV - LG's upgrade to the 55EA9800. The EC9300 features a faster refresh rate (240 Hz) and it seems to be brighter (500 cd/m2 vs 350 cd/m2according to some reports). LG also changed the TV's design (gone are the transparent canvas speakers, for example) and the TV is now based on LG's new smart TV platform (WebOS).

The 55EC9300 is now available in the US for $4,999 - it will ship in August 2014 (update: at Best Buy it's cheaper at $3,999). I've read in some places that the EC9300 panels are made in LGD's M2 Gen-8 mass-production fab, but I have no any real evidence that this is true.

Back in January 2014, LG also launched the EB9600, which also uses a curved 55" FHD panel - but this TV is more eco-friendly as it is more energy efficient, it uses recycled materials and it is made from fewer component. LG did not yet demonstrate this TV anywhere as far as I know.

LG is also gearing up to release their 65" 4K OLED TV, the 65EC9700. It was recently launched in the UK (it will ship in October, for £5,999 or just over $10,000). According to reports, LG aims to launch it in the US in September. The official price is $8,999 but the TV will sell for $6,999.

LG's 2013 55" FHD model, the 55EA9800 is now on sale on Amazon.com for $3,299. LG lowered the price of that TV by almost 80% in less than a year!

Posted: Jul 30,2014 by Ron Mertens


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