Samsung Display shows its latest flexible OLEDs at Display Week 2023 and unveils the OLED Sensor Display

Samsung Display demonstrated many OLED technologies at Display Week 2023, which we'll detail below. It seems that the main new technology was the Sensor OLED Display, which is an OLED with an embedded sensor that can perform fingerprint sensing in addition to blood pressure, heart rate sensing and stress level sensing (all from reading the finger), which the company says is the first such display in the world.

The Sensor OLED Display embeds light-sensing organic photodiodes (OPDs) inside the display itself, which allows it to perform the sensing functions all over the display. Samsung explains that as OLED light is reflected differently depending on the contraction and relaxation of the blood vessels inside the finger, the OPD senses the light when it returns to the panel, and converts it into health information.


In addition to the Sensor OLED, Samsung Display also shows a new rollable OLED, which you can see above. The display expands to more than five times its size, from 49-mm (length) to 254.4 mm.

SDC also showed a foldable OLED phone concept, called Flex In & Out, that can be folded both inward and outward 360 degrees. SDC says that such a display can remove the need for an external cover display for foldable phones.

Finally, SDC showed its Flex Hybrid display which combines both foldable and slidable technologies, and Slidable Flex Solo, which expands from a 13-inch tablet to a 17-inch screen.

Samsung also demonstrated its latest QD-OLED displays, in TV format (77-inch) and also in monitor formats. SDC's QD-OLED panel display won the SID Display of the Year award, and is indeed an impressive display. The company's latest QD-OLED panels offer new OLED materials, new optimized algorithms, and a maximum brightness of over 2,000 nits.

Posted: May 28,2023 by Ron Mertens