Samsung Display may start to develop OLED microdisplays

According to reports from Korea, Samsung Display is considering to start producing OLED microdisplays, to support its customer needs. Apparently Samsung Electronics, Apple, Meta and others have been reaching out to Samsung regarding OLED microdisplay production.

Samsung 2011 OLED microdisplay prototype

The microdisplay market is seeing strong demand, or at least strong interest, as all major tech companies are developing solutions for AR and VR. Samsung Display has refrained from developing OLED microdisplay technologies, as it believed profitability will not be good in this market, but this could change now.

One of the reasons that Samsung Electronics is urging SDC to develop OLED microdisplays may be LG Display's microdisplay project.

In 2011, Samsung actually revealed an OLED microdisplay prototype, the 0.6" XGA prototype you see above. It was developed by Samsung Mobile Display (which later became Samsung Display). Samsung never commercialized this device, but it did keep a small team of researchers that apparently still does research in this area.

Posted: Jul 11,2022 by Ron Mertens