Since Apple adopted a flexible AMOLED display for the Watch, people have been speculating that the company is also looking into using OLEDs for their smartphones and tablets. Reports that Apple is talking with both Samsung Display and LG Display regarding a future OLED display supply deal surfaced in past weeks.

Yesterday Reuters cited the Electronics Times saying that SDC and LGD are close to signing an agreement with Apple. The two display makers will invest $12.8 billion together to increase OLED capacity for Apple. Reuters says that Apple will likely provide some funding to LG and Samsung, and Samsung will get the larger share of the OLED volume.

It seems that these reports are getting more credible. As OLEDs are becoming better and better than LCDs, and as flexible OLEDs are entering the market and changing the design options for mobile phones, it's highly likely that Apple will have no choice but to switch to OLED eventually. Apple requires a huge production capacity - so it makes sense for Apple to talk to suppliers several years in advance.



Inevitable / Adj. incapable of being avoided

That second to the last statement in the article was the most salient.

Apple will definitely go to OLED use - 100% certainty!

Apple is following Samsung!

Samsung was the first to offer OLED watches with the Gear line, now in its sixth generation. So Apple has to follow Samsung with the OLED for its watch screens and not become a leader as Apple fans believed. Good for Samsung and bad for Apple fans who religiously believe in Apple.