A report from Japan suggests that Panasonic decided to withdraw from the OLED TV business as production costs are too high for the Japanese company. According to the report, Panasonic hopes to sale its OLED business to Japan Display (an agreement is expected next month).

Panasonic curved 4K OLED prototypes at CES 2014

This report is not confirmed yet. It is rather surprising as Panasonic's OLED business is focused on TV panels, while Japan Display is producing small/medium displays. In the past few years, Panasonic focused on printing technologies using Sumitomo's PLED materials.

Towards the end of 2013, Panasonic and Sony dissolved their OLED TV joint-collaboration effort. Following this, it was reported that Sony is withdrawing from the OLED market (this was later denied by Sony). There are also rumors that both Japanese companies are in talks with LGD To supply them with OLED TV panels. In March 2014, Panasonic decided to withdraw from the OLED Lighting market.

In January 2014 Panasonic showed some beautiful 55" curved OLED TV prototypes. A year before Panasonic demonstrated 56" 4K OLED prototypes that were developed in collaboration with Sony (and AUO which produced the Oxide-TFT backplanes).

Earlier this month Japan Display's OLED R&D manager said that while JDI is focused on high-res LCDs for the medium-term, the main focus of the company for the long term is on OLED displays. JDI is using LG's WRGB technology and currently JDI sees OLEDs as still too expensive, and there are still issues with lifetime and uniformity.

In 2013 JDI announced that they decided to build a pilot OLED display manufacturing line (4.5-Gen fab, 730x920 mm, capacity of 4,000 substrates a month) in its Ishikawa Plant. The company aimed to start small-scale production in the spring of 2014. Earlier in 2013 JDI unveiled a new 5.2" Full-HD (423 ppi) OLED panel, using an WRGB structure and an LTPS backplane. When JDI was formed in 2011, OLED was already considered to be the 'core technology' of the next generation small size and medium size displays.



This is sad...

This is sad...

It can't be that OLED is already dying?

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