In December 2012 reports suggested that Panasonic may stop plasma R&D by March 2013. Now the company officially announced that it will cease Plasma panel (PDP) production by the end of 2013. They will put all their resources and development into UHD (4K) and OLED TV technologies. This move probably means the end of Plasma TV technology, but is good news for OLED TVs!

In January 2013 Panasonic unveiled a 56" 4K2K OLED TV panel prototype that was produced using an all-printing method. Panasonic is using Sumitomo's PLED materials and is collaborating with Sony on production technology. Panasonic aims to release the first OLED TVs in 2015, but according to some reports they are progressing fast and may be ready with a product by the end of 2013.

Panasonic's prototype panel unveiled in January 2013 (shown again at the IFA 2013 event) panel uses a top-emission structure with a transparent cathode, and has an Oxide-TFT backplane. The panel's backplane was supplied by Sony (and produced by AUO).

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