Panasonic still aims to launch OLED TVs by 2015

Panasonic's CTO, Yoshiyuki Miyabe, says that the company aims to launch their first OLED TV in fiscal-year 2015, which means by March 2016. This concurs with reports we heard earlier this year. Miyabe wouldn't reveal more information, and he said that the company is currently at "the technological development stage".

Panasonic is collaborating with Sony on OLED TV production technologies, and some reports suggest that the two companies will setup a production joint-venture as well. In January 2013 Panasonic unveiled a unveiled a 56" 4K (3840x2160) OLED TV panel prototype that was produced using an all-printing method using Sumitomo's P-OLED materials.

Posted: Jun 06,2013 by Ron Mertens


I'm very disappointed about this news. After LG and Samsung slowed the Progress even Panasonic and SONY do not adopt the Technology fast enough for my Taste. Of course i know, that the development of the Technology isn't easy but march 2016 that is way to long. I thought, that with the Printing Process, i'ts cheaper and easier to manufactur much Panels and Next Year will be the big OLED Year, but it seemed to be a longer way i hoped. Because there are no other Companys, who producing OLED TV's.

"fiscal-year 2015, which means by March 2016"

I think you mean "by March 2015".

No, Panasonic's fiscal year starts in March. So the 2015 fiscal year starts in March 2015 and ends in February 2016.

Cheaper? Possibly. Easier? Not very likely.

Vacuum deposition is a very bulky and expensive technology but it is pretty well understood and a relatively high level of control, even on a nanometer scale, has been possible for years. Printing of electronic materials on the other hand is (purely from a physics point of view) far more complex as it involves fluid dynamics (and the evaporation of the liquid) which are extremely hard to control on the required nanometer scale.

Almost correct:

Fiscal year starts in April and ends in March.

Yes, you're right of course