According to OLEDW (quoting Japan's Sankei Shimbun), Panasonic's current plan is to introduce OLED TVs in 2015. By then they will finish development of the ink-jet printing processes, and will be able to start mass production. Panasonic hopes that the printing process will enable them to produce OLEDs at a much lower cost compared to evaporation based technologies used by rivals. Earlier reports suggested Panasonic actually hopes to start production earlier in 2014.

Panasonic is collaborating with Sony on OLED TV production technologies. Earlier this month they unveiled a unveiled a 56" 4K (3840x2160) OLED TV panel prototype that was produced using an all-printing method.

According to other reports, Panasonic plans to stop producing LCD TV panels in its Himeji plant, and instead use the fab to produce OLED TVs and 4K 20" tablet LCD panels.

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