Panasonic demonstrate a 55" 4K transparent OLED TV prototype

Panasonic is demonstrating a new transparent 4K OLED TV prototype at the IFA 2017 exhibition. Panasonic did not reveal any commercialization plans or any technical details on this prototype.

Last year at IFA Panasonic demonstrated a new transparent display, showing several use cases for this technology - in wine refrigerators, in living room cabinets and more. Back then I wondered whether it was an OLED as reported - but now Panasonic specifically says this is an OLED panel. The 2016 prototype had an FHD resolution, so this year is certainly an improvement.

Panasonic transparent OLED prototype (IFA-2017)

It is highly unlikely that Panasonic produced this panel itself as the company stopped its large-area OLED TV development in 2013. It's likely that Panasonic uses LGD made panels, as it does with its commercial OLED TVs.

Posted: Sep 04,2017 by Ron Mertens