Did Panasonic demonstrate large transparent OLED displays?

Panasonic demonstrated a new transparent display, showing several use cases for this technology - in wine refrigerators, in living room cabinets and more.

Panasonic transparent OLED TV demo photo (2016)

According to reports, this is Panasonic's 2nd gen transparent displays. The first generation displays were LCD (LED) based displays, but the company was not happy with the quality of the display and the low transparency. Changing to an OLED display resulted in better transparency and great images - virtually indistinguishable from non transparent TVs.

From the video above, I would have said that this is actually an LED. It seems that the display sometimes blocks the items behind it with a black display - which is not possible with an OLED. A transparent OLED can only be brighter than the items behind it, not darker. Then again, the Panasonic representative did clearly say this is an OLED...

From the images and videos we have, it also seems that the panel itself is rather small - around 30 or 40 inches - but maybe I am wrong as the only large-area transparent OLED panels ever demonstrated were 55" in size (from both Samsung and LG Display).

It is highly unlikely that Panasonic produced this panel itself as the company stopped its large-area OLED TV development in 2013. It's likely that Panasonic uses LGD made panels, as it does with its commercial OLED TVs.

Posted: Oct 05,2016 by Ron Mertens