LGD demonstrates 55" FHD transparent OLEDs

LGD has another interesting demonstration at CES - a 55" Full-HD transparent OLED. This is an WRGB OLED architecture that offers 600 nits of brightness and 40% transmittance.

LGD 55'' transparent OLED prototype (CES 2016)

It's not clear how close are LGD to commercialization. This is LG's largest transparent OLED ever demonstrated (in July 2014 LGD showed 18" transparent OLEDs).

Samsung Display demonstrated similar 55" FHD transparent OLEDs back in June 2015, and the company will start mass producing such panels soon.

Posted: Jan 09,2016 by Ron Mertens


I have been saying for a while, that there will come a time when virtually every storefront window will have a transparent OLED screen.  The content displayed on the screen can augment  what is in the display window, or it can be turned on when the store is closed.  For example, a jewelry store that removes their product from the window every night.  The content could even be interactive to engage the person walking by.  Or how about entire office buildings with windows "coated" with OLED screens.  They are "windows" during office hours and then become huge billboards at night.  The square meters of OLED screens and lighting by 2025 will be staggering!!