According to my sources, OLED Technologies & Solutions BV, an OLED display manufacturing solution provider, has filed for bankruptcy. This is a sad ending to a long standing OLED company that started out as OTB Display years ago.

OTS offered a total solution for OLED display manufacturing: in-line OLED printed display manufacturing systems, backplane and display product development, OLED device, stack, and ink development, process development expertise and display characterization and improvement. The company developed a fully automated printed OLED processing line, the PCAP-20, and was developing their next-gen tool, the PCAP-48, a Gen-4.5 OLED processing line, designed to produce high quality large screen HDTV displays with industry record yields and lowest cost per display.



How significant this company

How significant this company for the future of OLED display (TVs)?

If its technology is useful,

If its technology is useful, the other OLED companies would acquire it.