More details emerge on the OLEDs used in Apple's Vision Pro VR headset

Apple announced its first VR headset, the Apple Vision Pro, and new details are starting to emerge on the displays adopted by Apple. According to Business Korea, the external display (used to simulate the user's eyes) are OLED displays, produced by LG Display. 

Apple Vision Pro

We do not know the exact display specifications yet. Business Korea says that these displays cost around $30 to make. They also say that the Sony 4K microdisplays cost around $350 each (which makes sense), and so together the OLED displays in Apple's headset cost over $700 - or almost half the total production cost (estimated at around $1,500).


It is clear that Apple does not expect to ship a large volume of its first VR headset. The Elec in Korea says that Sony''s total microdisplay capacity is around 900,000 units per year and that the company will not be able to commit to more than a few hundreds of thousands of units for Apple by the end of 2024.

There are other OLED microdisplays developers, and reports suggest that both Samsung and LG aim to enter Apple's VR headset supply chain for such components. Read more about this interesting industry and market in our OLED microdisplay market guide.

Posted: Jun 12,2023 by Ron Mertens