More details and a video of Audi's concept OLED designs

A couple of days ago we reported that Audi is experimenting with OLED technologies - with a concept car that has hundreds of Philips-made triangular OLED panels on the car's body. Today we present a video and more details about Audi's OLED designs:

Audi actually has 3 OLED based designs. The first is rather simple - rear lights that are made from four small red OLED panels, and a flashing turn indicator made from 8 panels. Audi actually has a roadmap for introducing OLEDs. They say that OLEDs will be used as rear lights in the "relatively near future". It will take a few more years for OLEDs to be used in brake lights as these need to be about five times brighter than rear lights.

The second OLED application is covering the car with stripes made of hundreds of small triangular OLEDs. This is beautiful, and also enables the car "to be identified in a whole series of ways that can be constantly varied".

The third application is the rear-mounted "swarm" - which makes tiny OLED lighting panels into a large display. Audi is showing an demo where turning right or left makes the "swarm of fish" move in that direction, and when breaking those little fish rush forward. This tells the driver behind what is happening, which is actually a safety measure (although it's also a huge distraction I bet).

Audi's OLED swarmAudi's OLED swarm

Posted: Mar 04,2012 by Ron Mertens