Audi is experimenting with OLED lighting on the car body

Update 2: We got new photos, more details and a video showing the three OLED applications demonstrated by Audi.

Update: We just got word from Philips saying that they are providing the OLED panels for Audi...

It turns out that Audio is experimenting with OLED lighting. The company unveiled a concept car that has hundreds of triangular OLED panels on the car's body. This sure is pretty:

Audi OLED lighting concept, 2012


We do not know who provides the OLED panels. We've seen triangle OLED panels from Philips, Kaneka and UDC. Update: the panels are made by Philips.





Posted: Mar 01,2012 by Ron Mertens


Yeah, it does look very neat, but in the end it's really just another gimmick concept car made for the worlwide automobile trade fairs.

Even if OLEDs ever become robust enough for this kind of application (which I doubt), I have a hard time seeing such a car passing federal safety regulations because having such things on the road would be a huge distraction to all other drivers.

I heard similar arguments for LEDs some years ago.

OLEDs may in time be used for rear lights, depending on what brightness they achieve even for turn lights or break lights. All of this is reasonable.

However what I was talking about in my previous post was the fact that this design is covered with lights in places in which no car has ever had lights before and which are there purely for decorative reasons. That is something which I do not see coming to pass ever.