Mitsubishi installed their first Diamond Vision OLED screen at Merck's new research center

Mitsubishi has installed the first Diamond Vision OLED screen, over at Merck's new Material Research Center in Darmstadt, Germany. The display measures 3.84m by 2.3m with a 1280x768 resolution. It has 60 modules (each is 128x128), and weights a total of 480Kg(!). Merck will use the display as an information system for presentations and events.

155-inch Diamond Vision OLED155-inch Diamond-Vision prototype

The Diamond Vision OLED display has started selling in September 21st, and uses PMOLED Modules - each is 128x128 pixels (384mm by 384mm in size). Each pixel is about 3mm in size. We're not sure, but this probably means that Mitsubishi is using Merck's OLED materials (or at least some OLED technology from Merck).

Posted: Sep 30,2010 by Ron Mertens