Mitsubishi Diamond Vision OLED

Diamond Vision OLED is a modular display (100" or larger) for outdoor use which tiles small PMOLED panels. Mitsubishi has two kinds of modules: 384x384mm (128x128 resolution) and smaller 96x96mm (32x32) ones - which can be used to create curved or spherical displays. Each pixel is about 3mm in size - you need to view the displays from at least two meters away. The Diamond Vision is bright (1,200cd/m²) and has a good contrast (twice as better as LED, says Mitsubishi) - so it can be used in brightly-lit areas such as airports or stations. The OLED materials were jointly developed by Mitsubishi and Pioneer.

155-inch Diamond-Vision prototype155-inch Diamond-Vision prototype

Mitsubishi is selling Diamond Vision OLEDs since September 21st, 2010. The first installation is a 3.84m by 2.3m with a 1280x768 resolution (60 modules at 128x128) display at Merck's research center. The second one is the Geo-Globe, a 6-meter sphere at Tokyo's Science Museum - and it has 10,362 panels - each 96x96mm in size - total resolution is more than 10 million pixels.

The OLED Geo GlobeThe OLED Geo Globe

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Posted:   Sep 13,2010 by Ron Mertens