Merck opens a new material research center in Darmstadt

Merck has opened their new material research center in Dramstadt, Germany. One of the activities performed in the MRC will be OLED material research and development. In fact, during the inauguration ceremony, Angela Merkel (the German Federal Chancellor) was informed about Merck's research areas, especially in the area of OLED Lighting.

Merck's OLED material development started in 2005 when they bought Covion. We know that Merck is focusing today on solution processable OLED materials, and hopes to have a solution-processable Green OLED ready soon.

The Center, which required a 50 million Euro investment, has a pilot line and cleanroom, 340 employees and is the single largest R&D investment within Merck’s Chemicals business sector to date. The building itself is energy-efficient with excellent heat and sun protection, high-efficiency fans and pumps, reduced airflow and energy consumption during non-working hours as well as high-efficiency heat recovery from exhaust air ensure that CO2 emissions will be 80% lower than in comparable laboratories.

Posted: Sep 25,2010 by Ron Mertens