LG lowers the price of the 55" curved OLED TV to $8,999 - now costs the same as Samsung's S9C

LG Electronics just silently lowered the price of their 55" curved OLED TV (the 55EA9800) to $8,999 (down from $9,999). LG's TV now it costs the same as Samsung's curved OLED TV (the KN55S9C).

Interestingly, Amazon says that in they have in stock 6 LG OLED TVs and 17 Samsung OLED TVs. About two weeks ago, when I checked, they had only one LG TV in stock and 20 of Samsung's TVs. So at least 3 people bought Samsung's OLED TVs in about two weeks in the US...

LG's EA9800 is a 55" curved OLED TV, featuring an Oxide-TFT WRGB Full-HD OLED panel. The TV features "infinite" contrast ratio, passive 3D, Smart Touch Controls and a "paper-slim" design. It is made from Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) and weighs just 17 Kg and is only 4.3 mm thick. Samsung's S9C (KN55S9C) is also a Full-HD 55" curved OLED TV that uses a direct-emission (no color filters) architecture, supports Multi-view (where two users can watch two different 2D programs using active-shutter 3D glasses) and it's also compatible with the company's Evolution Kit. The S9C weighs 27Kg and is 5.3 inches deep.

So far, all OLED TV reviews have been very positive. Everyone agrees (and this includes Forbes, CNet and DisplayMate) that those OLED TVs outperform all LCD and Plasma TVs in every aspect - except the price.

Posted: Nov 10,2013 by Ron Mertens