Forbes' reported Geoffrey Morrison posted a review of Samsung's S9C OLED TV. Like several reviewers before him, he says that it's the best TV he ever saw. In fact, he says that the S9C is as close to a perfect television as he's ever seen, with its legitimately near-infinite contrast ratio.

Like most people he's also not happy with the fact that the OLED TV is curved, and of course he laments the high price ($8,999 in the US). He concludes his review though by saying that he can't imagine how they'll be able to get any better then this.

Back in August CNet also reviewed Samsung's S9C, and they also said it offers the best picture ever seen. Meanwhile Raymond Soniera from DisplayMate reviewed LG's curved OLED TV (the 55EA9800). He spent two weeks with this TV testing and measuring it, and his conclusion is that "the picture quality is absolutely stunning!" and this TV, even though it's a first generation OLED TV, outperforms all LCD and Plasma TVs. HDGuru tested both OLED TVs and they say that while both offer the best image quality they ever saw, they liked the Samsung's OLED better.