DisplayMate tests LG's curved OLED TV, says it's absolutely stunning

Raymond Soneira, the display expert from DisplayMate finally got his hands on an OLED TV - the LG Curved 55" 55EA9800. He spent two weeks with this TV testing and measuring and now he published his results. His main conclusion? "the picture quality is absolutely stunning!" and this TV, even though it's a first generation OLED TV, outperforms all LCD and Plasma TVs.

Raymond tested for color accuracy, and he says that the factory calibration is superb. In fact, the picture quality and accuracy is visually indistinguishable from perfect based on Raymond's extensive Lab tests. This is a very impressive achievement.

The TV also does not suffer from motion blur or latent images. Check out the image above which shows LG's OLED TV on the left compared to an LCD TV (on the right). These 1/250 seconds photographs capture a moving object at a speed of 1352 pixels per second.

Regarding the curved display, Raymond actually likes the curve. He says the main advantage is actually reduced reflections. Together with better side viewing this outweighs the slight curvature that is noticeable and somewhat annoying. But he says that this is still a subjective call.

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Posted: Sep 10,2013 by Ron Mertens


Has anyone tested the pixel used in LGD display?