LG to finally launch its transparent OLED signage displays

LG is set to finally launch its 55" transparent OLED displays at ISE 2019 (Amsterdam, Feb 5-8). LG Business Solutions published this teaser video showing the T-OLED signage displays:

LG has been demonstrating 55" transparent OLED displays for many years, and the latest prototype shown at CES 2019 featured a transparency of 40%.

This is excellent news as many awaited large-area transparent OLEDs since Samsung Display ceased production in 2016. In June 2015, Samsung Display unveiled its 55" mirror and transparent OLED display panels and in early 2016, the Company started shipping such displays to early customers (the first such customer was a hair salon in Seoul) and to display partners such as Planar Systems and Eyevis.

This was very exciting to many, but shortly after shipping started, Samsung decided to halt production as it reportedly wanted to focus on smartphone OLEDs.

Samsung Display 55'' transparent OLED photo

LG has setup a web page for its ISE 2019 announcement, and we'll post new information when we have it.

Posted: Feb 03,2019 by Ron Mertens