A hair salon in Seoul is the first customer of Samsung's 55" mirror OLED displays

Samsung Display announced its 55" mirror transparent OLED displays back in June 2015, and later announced that it will start shipping those displays in Q2 2016. True to its word, SDC today announced the first commercial installation in a hair salon in Seoul - although shipments to other customers will only begin in Q3 2016.

SDC mirror-OLED at leekaja hairbis salon photo

The Leekaja Hairbis installed several such displays (I counted at least 7 in the pictures Samsung provided) - and each is placed in front of clients that can consult different styles and colors and also check out the latest trends - straight from the mirror display.

Samsung expects the application of mirror displays to increase in various scenarios including fashion, furniture, interior design and retail.

Following Samsung's entry to the transparent OLED market, LG Display also recently demonstrated 55" transparent OLED. Transparent OLEDs are exciting, but will those applications actually create a large market? Check out our Transparent OLED market report to learn more!

Posted: May 19,2016 by Ron Mertens