Samsung Display unveils 55" transparent and mirror OLEDs

Samsung Display unveiled new large-size mirror and transparent OLED display panels. Together with jewelry company Chow Sang Sang Samsung exhibited the two display in an exhibit that shows the promise of such displays in the commercial and retail markets.

Samsung Display 55'' transparent OLED photo

The idea behind the virtual-fitting room exhibition is that those displays can provide a "digital viewing platform" to enhance the consumer's purchasing experience. The displays are integrated with Intel's Real Sense technology and 3D cameras to allow consumers to virtually see clothes or other items in a realistic perspective.

Samsung Display 55'' mirror OLED photo

Technically, those two panels are 55" in size with a Full-HD resolution, and are probably based on the same transparent OLED panel. The Mirror OLED features more than 75 reflectance - SDC says it is over 50% higher than competitive LCD Mirrors. In addition, the OLEDs offer a better color gamut, a much higher contrast ratio and much faster response times.

The transparent OLED features 45% transmittance - again SDC says this is much higher than transparent LCDs that typically offer 10% transmittance.

It is not clear how close are these two new displays to actual commercialization. We might see Samsung supply some limited amount of panels to select retail places, but the company's current large-area OLED capacity is limited.

A few months ago Planar demonstrated a 55" FHD transparent OLED, without disclosing the actual display maker. I estimated the display was developed LG Display, but I also heard it was made by SDC. I guess now it is pretty much confirmed that SDC is behind those 55" FHD panels...

Posted: Jun 10,2015 by Ron Mertens