Kyulux: advancing fast to commercialize yellow, green and blue TADF emitters

In early 2016, Kyushu University in Japan spun-off a new start-up called Kyulux to commercialize the TADF emitters developed at the University. A few months later, Kyulux raised $13.5 million (from LG, Samsung, Japan Display and JOLED).

We have met with Kyulux's team at SID 2016, who updated us that the company is progressing fast on the way to commercialize those TADF emitters. The first products to be ready are green and yellow emitters. Kyulux says that its Hyper-fluorescence TADF emitters offer a superior performance compared to PHOLED emitters (in both intensity and color purity) - and they should also be priced lower - so the company aims to provide a viable alternative to UDC's emitters in the near future.

Kyulux is also developing an efficient blue emitter, which hopefully will be ready within a year or so. If successful, this can give a huge boost to the OLED industry.

Posted: Jun 28,2016 by Ron Mertens


Sounds like a great product, TADFs! Putting the "organic" in OLED.
Is this really on the verge of replacing UDCs pholeds?
I see that in March 2016 here:
that the lifetime for TADF is now at 1300 hours (for 5% droop). They need min increase x 20+
If this was serious threat, why would UDC buy more pholed patents from BASF? Just to have blue pholed to match a blue TADF -- even tho TADF is cheaper, brighter and right around the corner?
Naw, it make no sense.
In addition to the articles, I think I'll keep an eye on Ron's disclosures.
Once he no longer discloses that he owns UDC, I'll sell.
Or, better yet, Ron, just email me when it's time to sell my UDC shares ; )