Kaneka signs a license agreement with UDC for OLED lighting materials

Universal Display announced that Kaneka signed an OLED technology license agreement. UDC granted license rights to manufacture and sell phosphorescent OLED lighting products. Kaneka will use UDC's PHOLED materials in their OLED lighting devices.

Kaneka has been developing OLED lighting panels for a long time. The company had plans to start offering OLED panels back in 2011, and showed dimmable 20 lm/w panels in five colors (warm white, red, orange, blue and green). Back in 2011 the company said those panels cost around ¥2 million (approx $24,000) per square meter - and they hoped this will drop to ¥50,000 ($600) or less by 2020.

Kaneka's production capacity in 2011 was about 10,000 m2 annually, and they planed to expand this to 100,000 m2 by 2015. In April 2011 Kaneka exhibited the world's largest OLED installation to date in a trade show in Milano - with 2,500 OLED panels:

Posted: Jan 30,2014 by Ron Mertens