Kaneka unveils a new OLED lighting fixture

Kaneka introduced a new OLED lighting fixture, the Kumiko - designed by lighting designer Michiru Tanaka. This is a high-tech decorative update to a traditional Japanese patterned woodwork.

Kaneka Kumiko OLED installation photo

The Kumiko is a fully-customizable modular tile system that can be vertically-mounted on a surface or built into complex architectural designs. The Kumiko panels offer diffused light that looks like staned-glass windows. The panels have a mirror surface when not in use. Kaneka did not disclose the technical specification of these Kumiko panels.

Kaneka Kumiko OLED panels photo

Kaneka's previous OLED lighting panels, announced in 2015, featured a lifetime of 50,000 hours. Kaneka's current annual OLED lighting production capacity is about 20,000 panels. Kaneka aims to accelerate OLED lighting development and reach sales of ¥50 billion ($435 million USD) by 2020.

Posted: Jun 22,2017 by Ron Mertens


A nice development; Kateeva as a team certainly has the capability and expertise to produce outstanding OLED lighting products. I intend to buy one (or more) ASAP - with a mere 9 OLED lamps currently in use at my home I am actively looking to add more excellent OLED lighting products to my group ...

To my friends at Kateeva  Thanks for making consumer wares like this./ ( My query would be why the mirror finish if those models typically put out less illuminance per a panel) - probably for the aesthetics*

Dennis - this is Kaneka and not Kateeva :-)