Qube - an OLED installation with over 1400 OSRAM Orbeos panels

Update: it turns out that Kaneka's installation at the Milano art show in April 2011 used 2,500 OLED lighting panels - which makes it the largest OLED lighting insatllation ever, and makes OSRAM's Qube pale in comparison... Thanks for tip Tomoko!

OSRAM unveiled a beautiful new OLED installation at the Qubique Berlin Tempelhof 2011 exhibition, which uses over 1,400 OSRAM round Orbeos panels. It was designed by Labme, OSRAM's new open source OLED lighting design platform.

I think this is the largest OLED lighting installation ever produced, replacing Philip's Living Shapes OLED wall installation which had 1,152 Lumiblade panels. But the amount of panels is still small compared to Mitsubishi's 6-meter OLED GeoGlobe which uses 10,362 PMOLED displays. Anyway, here's a nice photo of the Qube in the making:

In another bit of Orbeos news, the display windows at the Quartier 206 department store in Berlin are now using round and rectangular OLED lighting panels, this is quite lovely:

Posted: Oct 28,2011 by Ron Mertens