Jusung developed a MOCVD IGZO TFT Process

Jusung Engineering reports that they managed to developed a a new metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technology to apply IGZO for use on flat panels. Jusung says they are the only company to develop an 8-Gen MOCVD IGZO tool, and that this technology will be compatible with future OLED display processes. We talked to Jusung and they say that they are already in talks with several potential clients (in Japan, China and Korea) and they hope to get purchase orders and start shipping equipment in the middle of 2012.

There are other methods (such as sputtering) for IGZO production. Sharp will soon start to produce IGZO displays in their upcoming production line, and over the past year we've seen IGZO OLED prototypes by Sony, Toshiba, AUO and other companies. Most (or all) of these prototypes have been developed using sputtering. Jusung claims that MOCVD will enable higher resolution than sputtering - indeed 4 or even 5 times higher! They also say that scaling sputtering to 8-Gen will be difficult, while their own MOCVD tool will be scalable up to these sizes easily.

IGZO features a much higher electron mobility compared to a-Si, which means that you can make displays with higher density and better efficiency.

Back in April, Jusung announced it is entering the OLED market - for both display and lighting. Jusung will offer a 'total solution' - from vacuum deposition to encapsulation.

Posted: Nov 27,2011 by Ron Mertens


They already have developed the tool, but are only "in talks with several potential clients" ? Not having a customer partner already means no one has even tested a single transistor made with their IGZO film, thus the tool is essentially vaporware. Perhaps their next announcement will be on cold fusion.